Step by Step

Bathroom renovations process

At Beau Reno, we guarantee a personalized and seamless experience, ensuring complete client satisfaction. We take pride in our meticulous organization, managing every aspect of the process to deliver outstanding project outcomes.

Step 1.

Bathroom designing

We begin our process by meeting with you on-site to discuss your vision, capturing detailed photos and measurements. Next, we translate your ideas into a precise 3D scaled model, accompanied by a detailed quote.

Step 2.

Bathroom ware selection

When the final design is selected, you will choose your preferred bathroom-ware and tiles. We can help guide you through this process either by getting you a trade discount or advising you on where to shop. Once a decision is made, a commencement date can be locked in for your bathroom renovation.

Note: It is especially important to ensure that there are no delays on products chosen & to have these items delivered to site preferably before Step 3.

Step 3.

Bathroom demolition

The Beau Reno team will make sure that plastic/drop sheet protection is installed where required before the demo starts. The demolition process can take up to 3 days & all waste is transported to a waste management centre via a tip truck. 

During this stage we strip back the floors and walls to their original surface. Cleaning is always done at days end.

Step 4.

Services rough-ins

Our qualified plumbers and electricians require an average of 2 days to re-route services, i.e. reposition the power points, light switches, hot and cold water services and drainage to suit the new bathroom layout.

Step 5.


After completing the initial services, our skilled cement renderer and villa-board gyprocker will meticulously resurface your walls, achieving a smooth and level finish in preparation for the application of the waterproofing membrane. 

aThis essential step typically requires two days to ensure the walls are perfectly prepped. It is crucial that the surfaces are completely dry before proceeding to Step 6, ensuring the best results for your project.

Step 6.


Our certified water-proofer will meticulously apply two coats of a high-quality membrane, dedicating a total of three days to this task, which includes a necessary drying period to ensure optimal adherence and effectiveness.

Upon completion of your bathroom renovation, we provide a certificate of waterproofing along with a robust 7-year guarantee, affirming the durability and quality of our workmanship. This comprehensive approach ensures that your bathroom remains protected against water damage, maintaining its aesthetic and structural integrity over time.

Step 7.


We are now at the end of our second week. This is when our key player comes into the game…the tiler. Our Beau Reno tiler will make sure that every detail is agreed upon with you before he begins. 

The tiling process will take 2-5 days depending on the tiles, the patterns and the square meterage. After grouting the shower screen/panel is now measured & ordered.

Step 8.

Fit off stage

The bathroom fit-off phase kicks off with efficiency and precision. Within just 2-3 days, we will have all your new fixtures and accessories expertly installed, ensuring that lights and power points are fully operational. 

Additionally, we’ll refresh your space with a newly repainted ceiling. To complement our comprehensive service, professional cleaning is also available to ensure your renovated bathroom is spotless and ready to use.

Step 9.

Final stage

The bathroom is close to completion, shower screens/panels can now be installed & we ensure that all plumbing & electrical services are tested to ensure they are working efficiently. Its now time to hand over the newly renovated bathroom to you.

The above process on average takes between 3-4 weeks, our experience has proven to us that a full bathroom renovation cannot be completed before 3 full weeks. I have heard of competitors claiming that the above steps can be done in 2 weeks, that is because the drying times between trades are not respected, grouting is done whilst tiles are still drying, services are not properly tested before cement render, these are just a few of the myriad of problems that can arise & turn your dream bathroom into a nightmare.

We are fully ensured & have all the appropriate licenses ensuring that you will be happy with your dream bathroom, knowing the job has been done right.

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